Italy and Sri Lanka sign bilateral Agreement on Labour Migration

THURSDAY, 20 OCTOBER 2011 10:39


The Minister of Labour and Social Policies, Maurizio Sacconi, has met today at the Ministry, the Minister of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare of the Republic of Sri Lanka, Hon. Dilan Perera.


The central point of the meeting was the excellent relations existing between the two countries in the sectors of competence, of which the presence in Italy of over 81 thousand fully integrated persons is the positive evidence.

In the area of growing bilateral collaboration, the two Ministers have signed an Agreement in the field of migration for work reasons. This Agreement will introduce innovations useful to the improvement of the mechanisms of collaboration in the field of training, in the field of circular migration, and interventions for the complete integration of the community of Sri Lankan workers in Italy.

The Agreement which has been signed has, in addition, the aim of favouring a targeted meeting between demand and offer  stengthening on one side the capacity of the Administration of Sri Lanka to respond in a better way to the requirements of modern manpower markets, and on the other side modulating the entries of foreign manpower on the grounds of the effective needs of the labour market and of the real capacity of the Italian welfare system and of the regional realities.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policies will offer an operative support to the authorities of Sri Lanka through the institution of a Local Coordination Office which will give support to the network of Italian operators who intend carrying out cooperation activity in Sri Lanka.

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