in lieu of a Lost or Damaged Passport

The applicants who lost their passports are required to call over the Consular Division of the Embassy personally and face an interview and hand over the applications.

Required documents: All documents should be submitted in original with two photocopies.

a. Duly filled form ‘K' 35A

b. Duly filled declaration form ‘D’ (to be filled by the applicant who lost the passport)

c. 4 photographs (3.5 x 4.5 cm) taken within 3 months (direct face)

d. Original Birth Certificate

e. Sri Lankan National Identity Card (if available only)

f. Proof of Applicant’s Visa Status –  SOGGIORNO (if available)/ or documents to prove that the applicant has not obtained the nationality of any other country. 

g. Original Police Report issued by the Police Station to which complaint was made regarding the loss of the passport. (Passport Number of the lost Passport should be included in the Police Report).

h. If, a Profession/ Employment is to be included/ changed:  originals of duly authenticated Education / Professional Certificates.   If a Position/Designation of a Company/ Institution is to be included: Originals of a certified/ authenticated    letter issued by the respective Company/Institution.   (All documents/ certificates should be finally authenticated by the Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombo, or respective authorities/Missions in abroad). 

i. Relevant fee in Euro

Application for a Sri Lankan Passport, Emergency Passport Form K- 35A
Application for particulars to be furnished by an applicant who has lost passport 
දිවුරුම් ප්‍රකාශය/பிரமாண பத்திரம் / Affidavit

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