into either parent's new passport

When parents apply for new N series passports, the names and photographs of their children below 16 years of age could also be included in their new passports

Documents required: All documents in original should be submitted with two photocopies.

a. Duly filled form “C” IM 35  

b. 4 colour photographs  of the child [size 2.5 x 3.5 cm] , taken within 3 months  , (Direct face)

c. Original Birth Certificate/s of the child

d. If the child is born outside Sri Lanka, Citizenship Certificate issued under the Citizenship Act ( if the Citizenship Certificate has not yet been issued the original receipt of payment for Citizenship Certificate issued by the Embassy ).

e. Passports of parents with data page and children photo page, if one of them does not possess a passport an Affidavit confirming same.

f. A letter/s signed by both parents giving consent to include the of name/s and photograph/s of their child/children in either parent's passports.

g. Original Marriage Certificate of parents.

h. If divorced, the original divorce certificate and documents to prove the legal custody/guardianship of child/children. In case of widow / widower, the original Death Certificate of the spouse.

Inlcusion or deletion of children from parent's new passport

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