for children

A minor under 16 years of age can also apply for a separate passport if required. If the applicant is below 16 years one of the parents can sign the application on behalf of the child.

Documents required : All documents should be submitted in original with two photocopies.

a. Duly filled Form K – IM35 

b. 4 colour photographs [3.5 x 4.5 cm] , taken within 3 months  , direct face

c. Original Birth Certificate

d. If the child is born outside Sri Lanka, Citizenship Certificate issued under the Citizenship Act ( if the Citizenship Certificate has not yet been issued the original receipt of payment for Citizenship Certificate issued by this Embassy.

e. Passports of parents with children photo pages

f. Written consent from parents giving agreement for issuance of a separate passport to the child

g. Original Marriage Certificate of parents

h. If parents are divorced or separated an original copy of the court decision / guardianship.

i. If a guardian applies for a passport for a child, the guardian must produce the legal documents to prove his/her guardianship

j. Relevant fee in Euro

Application for a Sri Lankan Passport, Emergency Passport Form K- 35A

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