Presentation of Credentials in Albania

Monday, 13 March 2017 10:39


Sri Lanka’s envoy to Rome, His Excellency Daya Pelpola, concurrently accredited to Albania, presented the Letter of Credence to His Excellency Bujar Nishani, President of the Republic of Albania on 13th March 2017 at the Presidential Palace in Tirana.

During discussions with Ambassador Pelpola, the Albanian President was keen in strengthening and diversifying relations between the two countries, stating that there are many opportunities available to expand cooperation. He further stated that Albania has undergone a difficult past, but looking towards vibrant growth and economic development in the future. The Albanian President showed great interest in Sri Lanka’s latest political and economic developments and encouraged partnerships in different spheres between the two countries.

Ambassador Pelpola whilst briefing the Albanian President stated that the National Unity Government has taken steps to rebuild the country on a three-pillar framework of strengthening democracy, reconciliation and economic development. He further mentioned that the present Government welcomes the support of the international community towards these initiatives and welcomed further collaboration between the two countries.

Formal diplomatic ties between Sri Lanka and Albania were established in 1980, with Sri Lanka’s accreditation to Albania from Rome and Albania’s accreditation to Sri Lanka from Beijing.

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